Hostel Terviseks: A Tartu Retrospective

Terviseks Backpackers Bed and Breakfast is entering it's 2nd Summer as my home and a place for people to stay. As I sit in my own room drinking China Jasmine Tea Pearl Mountain I find myself thinking back to the time when I sat in the living room of Hostel Terviseks wondering why I was in a hostel in Tartu, and why all these other people were also in a hostel in Tartu. Back then I slept on any bed that was available to me, and managed to get 3, maybe 4, cups from one shitty hostel teabag.

The name is the same, and so is the colour of the walls, but the two Terviseks couldn't be more different. One was a hostel, the other one is a Bed and Breakfast. They have/had different owners, were/are in different parts of Tartu and were/are owned by different companies. Fortunately one similarity that stands out above all was that they both managed to give people an affordable, friendly way to visit and stay in Tartu.

I have a few days off and thought I would write down some of the more memorable guests, nights and moments from what, at the time, was considered the best hostel in Tartu and Estonia.

Terviseks BBB - Tartu's Homey Alternative To Hostels


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